Patients Testimonials


Omotola Thomas

40 years old, United Kingdom, diagnosed in 2016

“I have never really looked at it as a negative thing. I generally believed that there is opportunity in adversity, opportunity to be stronger, opportunity to be an inspiration to other people. If you are in pain from an illness like this, why not try to utilise that pain and turn it into something positive and turning it into something powerful.”


Iñaki Noblejas

39 years old, Spain, diagnosed in 2015

“I try to keep busy with everything I can, like DIY. I didn't used to do DIY and now I try to make small things. Anything to keep me active and moving so that the disease doesn't block you.


Riccardo Nava

57 years old, Italy

“My advice is to not waste all those years like me, disguising the disease, hiding it, talk about it straight away, because it helps to find courage to deal with it, we need courage, patience and determination you need a good dose of self-irony because it’s also good to laugh at ourselves.”


date of preparation May 2021